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The Modern Irish Sonnet: Revision and Rebellion

Briefer Mentions and Lyrical Lexicons: Marianne Moore's Responses to Dictionaries in The Dial and Observations

‘What price stone? The shaping of inheritance into form in Richard Murphy’s The Price of Stone sonnet sequence’

T. S. Eliot, 1922, and transatlantic culture

Navigating the Transnational in Modern American Literature and Culture Axes of Influence

“Beyond the Lines of Poetry”: Ethnic Traditions and Imaginative Interventions in Irish-American Poetics'

'The Man and the Echo: W. B. Yeats in Contemporary American Poetry and Song'.

‘Its native surroundings’: Marianne Moore, England, and the idea of the ‘characteristic American’

‘Transatlantic poetics: “webs of connection” in recent Irish-American critical writing’, Symbiosis: A Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations (special issue on ‘Transatlantic Poetics’), 19.2 (October 2015): 211–223.

American Literature and Irish Culture, 1910-1955: The Politics of Enchantment

WB Yeats and the Ghost Club

"So kind you are, to bring me this gift": Thomas MacGreevy, American Modernists, and the 'Gift' of Irishness

Introduction: 'The Idea of Influence in American Literature'

"Writing was resilience. Resilience was an adventure": Marianne Moore, Bernard Shaw, and the Art of Writing