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A Social Network Analysis of School Advice-Seeking Patterns to Support Vulnerable Learners: A Critical Methodological Account

Challenging Beginning Teachers’ Misconceptions of the Effects of Poverty on Educational Attainment in an Initial Teacher Education Programme in England.

Double Stimulation for Reluctant Readers: a Literature Circle Intervention in a Secondary English Classroom.

Introduction: Tasks, Concepts, and Subject Knowledge

Learning the price of poverty across the UK

The Research Commission on Poverty and Policy Advocacy

Learning the price of poverty across the UK

Closing the evidence gap? The challenges of the research design of the Closing the Gap: Test and Learn project.

Family-school partnerships: a challenge for teacher education

Preparation for family-school partnerships within initial teacher education programmes in England

Teacher education and family-school partnerships in different contexts: A cross country analysis of national teacher education frameworks across a range of European countries

Learning to Teach in England and the United States The Evolution of Policy and Practice

Who, how and why? Motives and agendas for key stakeholders in closing the gap

Learning the Price of Poverty across the United Kingdom.

Tackling Social Disadvantage Through Teacher Education

Becoming other: social and emotional development through the creative arts for young people with behavioural difficulties


Writing as a mediational tool for learning in the collaborative composition of texts

Student teachers' perceptions of the effects of poverty on learners' educational attainment and well-being: perspectives from England and Scotland

The impact of adopting a research orientation towards use of the Pupil Premium Grant in preparing beginning teachers in England to understand and work effectively with young people living in poverty

Tawell, A., Thompson, I., Daniels, H. and Rubtsova, O. (2016). Being Other: Transforming the social situation of development through drama. In: The materials of international symposium: scientific school of L.A. Vygotsky: ...

A marked improvement? A review of the evidence on written marking

Student teachers' perceptions of poverty and educational achievement

Being Other: The Effectiveness of Arts Based Approaches in Engaging with Disaffected Young People

Researching Contradictions: Cultural Historical Activity Theory Research (CHAT) in the English Classroom

Designing Tasks in Secondary Education Enhancing Subject Understanding and Student Engagement

Communication, Culture, and Conceptual Learning: Task design in the English classroom

The Mediation of Learning in the Zone of Proximal Development through a Co-constructed Writing Activity

Developing Students’ Knowledge of Phonics in Secondary Teacher Education

Learning to Teach Writing in culturally Diverse Settings: Complexity and Contradiction for the Student Teacher

Poverty and Initial Teacher Education: Policy, Practice, and Social Justice

Student Teachers’ Perceptions of Poverty

Planes of communicative activity in collaborative writing

Stimulating reluctant writers: a Vygotskian approach to teaching writing in secondary schools

Writing as a Complex Activity: Mediating the Development of Mind

The Construction of Zones of Proximal Development through Classroom Interaction

Writing Through Mediated Activity

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