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The English Novel and the World

The Good of Postcolonial Criticism

The World, the Text and the Postcolonial Critics: The Empire Writes Back 20 Years on

The World, the Text, and the Author: Coetzee and Untranslatability

The Worlding of the Jingo Poem

Workshop: Asian Bloomsbury

Workshop: South Asian Contact Zones in the Metropolis

Worlding Genre: The Case of the Jingo Poem

The world, the text and the author: Coetzee and untranslatability

Neither here nor there: Writing outside the mother tongue

Indian Arrivals, 1870-1915 Networks of British Empire

The 1990s: An increasingly postcolonial decade

Terror and the Postcolonial A Concise Companion

Literature, planning and infrastructure: Investigating the southern city through postcolonial texts

The English novel and the world

Intentional dissonance: Leonard Woolf’s The Village in the Jungle (1913)

Ben Okri, My Neighbor and Friend

Nelson Mandela

The Shouting in the Dark

The World and the Postcolonial

Chinua Achebe: A Tribute

Coetzee and Australia

The text in the world, the world through the text: Robert Baden-Powell's Scouting For Boys.

Stories of women Gender and narrative in the postcolonial nation

Foreword: Empire's Vampires

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