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‘Enacting Holmes: Performance and Impersonation in Fiction and Film’

The Library in Film

The Optic of Mass Observation

‘The Optics of Mass-Observation’

Dreams of modernity: Psychoanalysis, literature, cinema

The writer in film: Authorship and imagination

‘The Death of Cinema and the Contemporary Novel’

European Witness: Analysands Abroad in the 1920s and 1930s

"The Tempo of Revolution": British Film Culture and Soviet Cinema in the 1920s

Virginia Woolf and the Art of the Novel

Virginia Woolf and digression: Adventures in consciousness

The Tenth Muse Writing about Cinema in the Modernist Period

Virginia Woolf as publisher and editor: The Hogarth Press

A Hymn to Movement: the ’city symphony’ in the 1920s


Viginia Woolf as Publisher and Editor: the Hogarth Press

‘Hieroglyphics in motion’: Representing ancient Egypt and the Middle East in film theory and criticism of the silent period


Cinema and Visual Culture: Close up 1927-1933

Ian McEwan’s Modernist Time

The Creative Treatment of Actuality: John Grierson, Documentary Cinema and ’Fact’ in the 1930s

"In the circle of the lens": Virginia Woolf's "telescope" story, scene-making and memory

Pilgrimage and the Space of Dreams

The Legacies of Modernism

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