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Samuel Johnson: The Arc of the Pendulum

The Battle of the Word-Books: Competition, the "Common Reader", and Johnson's Dictionary

121. Received Pronunciation

Johnson’s Dictionary

Patriotism, Empire, and Cultural Prescriptivism: Images of Anglicity in the OED

Varieties of English: Received Pronunciation

Das Oxford English Dictionary

Benjamin Smart and Michael Faraday: The Principles and Practice of Talking Proper in Nineteenth-Century England

Dictionaries: A Very Short Introduction

Nineteenth-Century English –an overview

Registering the Language - dictionaries, diction, and the art of elocution

Representing English: Dictionaries in the Eighteenth Century

The Dictionary as Watch

Living History: Andrew Clark, the OED and the Language of the First World War

The Illusions of History

The Oxford English Dictionary, 1857-1928

BBC English. In the Beginning

The Rise of Received Pronunciation

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