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Reading Romantic Poetry

The Collapse of Distance: Heaney’s Burns and the 1990s

The Collapse of Distance: Heaney's Burns in the 1990s

The Pastoral Elegy in the 1820s: The Shepherd's Calendar

Romantic Macpherson

The Landscape of Ossian

Local Attachments: The Province of Poetry

Burns and Romantic Writing

Persuasion: The Gradual Dawning

Scotland and Romanticism, Scotland in Romanticism

'Plain Living and Ungarnish'd Stories': Wordsworth and the Survival of Pastoral

Brief Lives: Jane Austen

Local Attachments

A Scottish Renaissance: Two Generations of Scottish Poets, Edwin Morgan, Douglas Dunn, Liz Lochhead, and Robert Crawford, Kathleen Jamie and Don Paterson

Writing on the Borders

Imagined Solitudes: Wordsworth in Scotland, 1803

Jane Austen's Emma A Casebook

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales'

Scottish Poetry and the Question of Regional Literary Expression

Collection and Selection: Poetry and Art for the Nation

Pride and Prejudice

Striking Resemblances: National Identity and the Eighteenth Century Portrait


The Edinburgh Review and the Representation of Scotland

Starting Lines in Scottish, Irish, and English Poetry : From Burns to Heaney From Burns to Heaney

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