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"A fit memoriall for the times to come...": Admonition and Topical Application in Mary Sidney's Antonius and Samuel Daniel's Cleopatra

'This Great Matter of Succession': Politics, History and the Drama in Elizabethan England

Savile’s Tacitus, the Earl of Essex, and International Politics

The 1553 Succession Crisis Reconsidered

The Exclusion Crisis of 1553 and the Elizabethan Succession

The Politics of Roman History in Late Elizabethan England: Henry Savile’s Tacitus

‘Jerusalem thou dydst promyse to buylde up’: Kingship, Counsel and Early Elizabethan Drama

"‘I ask your voices and your suffrages’: The Bogus Rome of Peele and Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus"

“Plesures in lernyng” and the Politics of Counsel in Early Elizabethan England: Royal Visits to Cambridge and Oxford

‘A mere historian’: Patrick Collinson and the Study of Literature

Doubtful and Dangerous: The Question of Succession in Late Elizabethan England

Introduction: A Historiographical Perspective’

The Earlier Elizabethan Succession Question Revisited

The Puritan, the Jesuit, and the Jacobean Succession

Marlowe, History, and Politics


History Plays and the Royal Succession

The Oxford Handbook of Holinshed's Chronicles

The Exclusion Crisis of 1553 and the Elizabethan Succession

Henry Savile's Tacitus and the Politics of Roman History in Late Elizabethan England

Godly Queens: The Royal Iconographies of Mary and Elizabeth

Two Queens, One Inventory: The Lives of Mary and Elizabeth Tudor

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Acts of Oblivion, Acts of Remembrance: Rhetoric, Law, and National Memory in Early Restoration England

The Uses of History in Early Modern England

French Drama

Greek and Roman Drama

Jewish History and Christian Providence in Elizabethan England: The Contexts of Thomas Legge’s Solymitana Clades (The Destruction of Jerusalem), c. 1579-88

Contemporary Europe in Elizabethan and Stuart Drama

Dryden’s Theatre and the Passions of Politics

Plagiarism in Early Modern England

The Elizabethan History Play: A True Genre?

Roman History and Early Stuart Drama: Thomas Heywood's The Rape of Lucrece

Otway, Lee and the Restoration History Play

Historicising Plagiarism

Julius Caesar in Jacobean England

Shakespeare’s Lives in Print, 1662-1821

Plays as Property, 1660-1710

"A Play, which I presume to call original”: Appropriation, Creative Genius, and Eighteenth-Century Playwriting

"The State Is out of Tune": Nicholas Rowe's "Jane Shore" and the Succession Crisis of 1713-14

Rochester’s Satyre Against Reason and Mankind from Page to Stage

Dryden and the Staging of Popular Politics

John Dryden

Shakespeare and New Drama

Authorship and Appropriation Writing for the Stage in England, 1660-1710

Between the “Triumvirate of wit” and the Bard: The English Dramatic Canon, 1660-1720


“Give me the sociable Pocket-books”: Humphrey Moseley’s Serial Publication of Octavo Play Collections

The Politics of the Stage and the Page: Source Plays for George Powell’s A Very Good Wife (1693) in their Production and Publication Contexts

Intratextual Text Interaction and Cultural Reinterpretation: Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye

Three Novels of Afro-American Women: Literary Patterns

“To quote or not to quote?”: A Postmodernist’s Generic Dilemma in Edward Bond’s Restoration

George Farquhar’s “revenge” Comedy: The Constant Couple; or a Trip to the Jubilee

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