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Syon Abbey

Jeremy Griffiths

The Book and the Brotherhood: Reflections on the Lost Library of Syon Abbey

The English Medieval Book Studies in Memory of Jeremy Griffiths

The Twentieth Century. Introduction: Drama

Dial M for Mystic: Mystical Texts in the Library of Syon Abbey and the Spirituality of the Syon Brethren

Justification by Faith: Skelton's Replycacion

Medieval Hypertext: Image and Text from York Minster

The English Curriculum Diversity and Standards

Never Look a Gift Horace in the Mouth: Affective Poetics in the Middle Ages

Thy Will Be Done: Piers Plowman and the Pater Noster

Postcards from the Edge: Interpreting the Ineffable in the Middle English Mystics

The Apophatic Image: The Poetics of Effacement in Julian of Norwich

Idols and Images: Pastoral Adaptations of The Scale of Perfection

Vernacular Books of Religion

Cura Pastoralis in Deserto

The Evolution of the Speculum Christiani

Strange Images of Death: The Passion in Later Medieval English Devotional and Mystical Writing

Lukynge in haly bukes: Lectio in some Late Medieval Spiritual Miscellanies

A Syon Manuscript Reconsidered

The Cibus Anime Book 3: A Guide for Contemplatives

Was Mechtild of Hackeborn's Booke of Gostlye Grace translated from Middle Dutch? Some Observations

Mystic's Foot: Rolle and Affectivity

Justification by Good Works: Skelton's The Garland of Laurel

Doctrina and Predicacio: The Design and Function of some Pastoral Manuals

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