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Mind and Body in Charlotte Bronte's Fiction

Fear, Phobia and the Victorian Psyche

Life in the Zooniverse: Working with Citizen Science

Science periodicals in the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries

Citizen Science: Sally Shuttleworth and her team interviewed by Carolyn Burdett

Medical research: Citizen medicine

Science and Periodicals: Animal Instinct and Whispering Machines

Constructing Scientific Communities: Citizen Science

Constructing Scientific Communities: Citizen Science in the Nineteenth and Twenty-First Centuries

Old weather: citizen scientists in the 19th and 21st centuries

Childhood, Severed Heads, and the Uncanny: Freudian Precursors

From Retro- to Neo-Victorian Fiction and Beyond: Fearful Symmetries

Spiritual Pathology: Priests, Physicians and The Way of All Flesh

Anne Bronte, Agnes Grey

The Mind of the Child: Child Development in Literature, Science, and Medicine, 1840-1900

Science in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical Reading the Magazine of Nature

Evolutionary Psychology and The Way of all Flesh

Science Serialized Representations of the Sciences in Nineteenth-Century Periodicals

Culture and Science in the Nineteenth-century Media

Memory and Memorials, 1789-1914 Literary and Cultural Perspectives

Embodied Selves An Anthology of Psychological Texts, 1830-1890

Charlotte Brontë and Victorian Psychology

Body/Politics: Women and the Discourses of Science

Nature transfigured science and literature, 1700-1900

George Eliot and Nineteenth-Century Science The Make-Believe of a Beginning

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