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'Oulipo', 'Pataphysics', and 'Acéphale'

Seven Remarks on the Seventh Angel

The Protean Ptyx: Nonsense, Non-Translation and Word Magic in Mallarmé’s ‘Sonnet en yx’

Tom McCarthy: Critical Essays

Hoggs that Sh-te Soap, p. 66

Theory of the Great Game Writings from Le Grand Jeu

"Joyce, un pornographe": Ulysses, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and the Sally Mara Novels of Raymond Queneau

As If We Were Reading a Good Novel: Fiction and the Index from Richardson to Ballard

Calvino, Llull, Lucretius: Two Models of Literary Combinatorics

Pataphysical Letters

Backwards and Forwards with the Atomic Priesthood

Pataphysical Letters Correspondence Between René Daumal and Julien Torma with an Additional Letter from Julien Torma to Jean Montmort

Exegesis of Mallarmé’s Ptyx

Form and Anxiety in Translation: Two Case Studies


Urchin, Coney, Rock Badger: Genus Hopping with the Choirogrullios

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