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Christina Rossetti and Repetition

Lives of the Poets:I :’Faults’ and ’Impartial Criticism’

Yeats and the Life of the Dead

Yeats and/or Eliot: The Choice

Yeats and/or Eliot: The Choice

Yeats and/or Eliot: The Choice?

'The Quarrel with Ourselves': Poetry and Criticism

Boundaries and Ways between: Rhyme and the Hermetic

The Homeric Hymns

Herne the Hunter

Victorian Yeats

Collected Poems

'But to my task': Work, Truth, and Metre in Later Hill

Geoffrey Hill: Essays on his Later Work

Our Lost Lives: Protestantism and Northern Irish Poetry

Sound Intentions: The Workings of Rhyme in 19th Century Poetry

Yeats’s Canons

Tennyson’s Dying Fall

The Touch of a Blind Man: Forms, Origins, and Hermeneutics’ in Poetry’

William Wordsworth: Poetry and Repose

Serious Poetry Form and Authority from Yeats to Hill

The House of Clay


Paul Muldoon Critical Essays

Mistaken Identities Poetry and Northern Ireland

Adam's Dream

Selected Plays of Louis MacNeice

Louis MacNeice The Poet in His Contexts

Biting the Wax

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