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Antipholus of Where? Reading the First Folio

Character in Shakespearean Tragedy


Plenary Paper

Reading the First Folio

The Politics of the First Folio Histories

Was Shylock Jewish?

What is a Source? Or, How Shakespeare Read his Marlowe

A New Corrected Proof Sheet from Shakespeare's First Folio (1623)

Reading Shakespeare's Stage Directions

The hero, the villain, the princess, and the book:
stories about the First Folio

The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare's First Folio

Shakespeare's Dead: Stages of Death in Shakespeare's Playworlds

Shakespeare's First Folio Four Centuries of an Iconic Book

The Elizabethan Top Ten Defining Print Popularity in Early Modern England


The canonisation of Shakespeare in print, 1623

The Making of Shakespeare's First Folio

The Form and Function of Character lists in Plays Printed before the Closing of the Theatres

Women on the Early Modern Stage A Woman Killed with Kindness, The Tamer Tamed, The Duchess of Malfi, The Witch of Edmonton

Genres: Cinematic and Early Modern

Christopher Marlowe in Context

Macbeth: Language and Writing

Was Shylock Jewish?

30 Great Myths about Shakespeare

The Cambridge Shakespeare Guide

'Time's comic sparks': The dramaturgy of A Mad World My Masters and Timon of Athens

William Shakespeare

"To Buy or Not to Buy": Hamlet and Consumer Culture

Five Revenge Tragedies

Prenzie Angelo: Making meanings from Measure for Measure

Performing Relevance/Relevant Performances: Shakespeare, Jonson, Hitchcock

Reccent Studies in Tudor and Stuart Drama

Richard II's Yorkist Editors

Shakespeare’s Critical Reception

The Cambridge Introduction to Shakespeare

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