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Translation and Interpretation: Dryden, McKendrick, Chapman, Rolle’

Translation and Metaphor


Translation: A Very Short Introduction

Minding Borders Resilient Divisions in Literature, the Body and the Academy

Monuments: A Short Story about Form, Language and Translation

Accidental Injury

Comparative Critical Studies Special Issue: Histories and Methods

Semi-Censorship in Browning and Dryden

Introduction to New Work in Comparative Literature in Europe


The World Was All Before Them

The Poetry of Translation: From Chaucer & Petrarch to Homer & Logue

Designs for a Happy Home: A Novel in Ten Interiors

His and Hers (Essay on the Brownings)

Varifocal Translation in Ciaran Carson's

On Judging the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize

Dante in English

Principles and Norms of Translation

Browning and Translationese

The Realms of Verse 1830-1870

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