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Conference Organizer

Conference Organizer

Conference Paper

Gould as Darwin: Speculations on a Lost Play

Guest Speaker

Ibsen in France from Breakthrough to Renewal

Separate Pools of Light: Gender, Biography, and Science on Stage

Staging Modernism

Unspeakable Acts: Silence, Death and the Female Body in Plays od Robius and Glaspell

Women and Modernism

Against Interpretation? Hedda and the Performing Self

Modern Drama: A Very Short Introduction

'Unmediated' Science Plays: Seeing What Sticks

The Diagnostic Gaze: Nineteenth-Century Contexts for Performance and Medicine

What Was the New Drama?

Theatre and Evolution from Ibsen to Beckett

'I'm Evolving!': Varieties of Evolution on the Victorian Stage

Guest editorial

‘It Was Ugly’: Maternal Instinct on Stage at the Fin de Siècle

Faustus and the Modern Scientist on Stage

Staging Modernism: A New Drama

Des 'Lien significatifs': Luca Ronconi et les scientifiques ['Meaningful Joinings': Luca Ronconi and the Scientists]

Darwin on Stage: Evolutionary Theory in the Theatre

The Development of Norway’s National Theatres

Wilde About Ibsen: The Fusion of Dramatic Modes in A Woman of No Importance

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