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A Postcolonial Aesthetic: Repeating upon the Present


Differential publics -- reading (in) the postcolonial novel

Doubling the Author

Growing into Diaspora: An Interview on the Writing of 'Nile Baby'


India Arrive: Finding the Familiar in London's Foreign Fields

JM Coetzee's Australian Realism

K. Mansfield as Colonial Modernist: Je ne parle pas francais

Keynote address: Achebe and Influence

Keynote Address: Gandhi, Mandela and Violence

Keynote address: Plotting Conviviality

Keynote: Achebe and Influence

Keynote: Articulating the Unsayable

Keynote: Gandhi and Mandela: A Company of Two

Keynote: JM Coetzee’s Australia’s of the Mind

Keynote: Plotting Conviviality, 1910: Rothenstein and Tagore

Madiba Magic: Madela’s Outlier Charisma

Making Britain Home: South Asian Presences, 1870-1950

Organizer: Asian Bloomsbury

Permanent Risk: When Crisis Defines a Nation’s Writing

Reading between Life and Work: Reflections on ‘J.M. Coetzee’

Replicating cities circa 1900: Calcutta, London, bombay

Resistance Literature Again: Some questions of postcolonial pedagogy and Aesthetics

Shaping Britain: Preface

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