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A Postcolonial Aesthetic: Repeating upon the Present


Growing into Diaspora: An Interview on the Writing of 'Nile Baby'


India Arrive: Finding the Familiar in London's Foreign Fields

JM Coetzee's Australian Realism

K. Mansfield as Colonial Modernist: Je ne parle pas francais

Keynote address: Achebe and Influence

Keynote Address: Gandhi, Mandela and Violence

Keynote address: Plotting Conviviality

Keynote: Achebe and Influence

Keynote: Articulating the Unsayable

Keynote: Gandhi and Mandela: A Company of Two

Keynote: JM Coetzee’s Australia’s of the Mind

Keynote: Plotting Conviviality, 1910: Rothenstein and Tagore

Madiba Magic: Madela’s Outlier Charisma

Making Britain Home: South Asian Presences, 1870-1950

Organizer: Asian Bloomsbury

Permanent Risk: When Crisis Defines a Nation’s Writing

Reading between Life and Work: Reflections on ‘J.M. Coetzee’

Replicating cities circa 1900: Calcutta, London, bombay

Resistance Literature Again: Some questions of postcolonial pedagogy and Aesthetics

Shaping Britain: Preface

The English Novel and the World

The Good of Postcolonial Criticism

The World, the Text and the Postcolonial Critics: The Empire Writes Back 20 Years on

The World, the Text, and the Author: Coetzee and Untranslatability

The Worlding of the Jingo Poem

Workshop: Asian Bloomsbury

Workshop: South Asian Contact Zones in the Metropolis

Worlding Genre: The Case of the Jingo Poem

Postcolonial Poetics 21st-Century Critical Readings

Cosmopolitan Exchanges: Scenes of Colonial and Postcolonial Reading

Differential publics -- reading (in) the postcolonial novel

Making Freedom: Jawaharlal Nehru’s An Autobiography (1936) and The Discovery of India (1946)

The Future of the Postcolonial Past: beyond Representation

The Global Histories of Books

The View from Empire: The Turn-of-the-Century Globalizing World

The world, the text and the author: Coetzee and untranslatability

Neither here nor there: Writing outside the mother tongue

Indian Arrivals, 1870-1915 Networks of British Empire

The 1990s: An increasingly postcolonial decade

Terror and the Postcolonial A Concise Companion

Literature, planning and infrastructure: Investigating the southern city through postcolonial texts

The English novel and the world

Intentional dissonance: Leonard Woolf’s The Village in the Jungle (1913)

Ben Okri, My Neighbor and Friend

Nelson Mandela

The Shouting in the Dark

The World and the Postcolonial

Chinua Achebe: A Tribute

Coetzee and Australia

The text in the world, the world through the text: Robert Baden-Powell's Scouting For Boys.

Stories of women Gender and narrative in the postcolonial nation

Foreword: Empire's Vampires

Nelson Mandela: The Oratory of the Black Pimpernel

Revisiting Resistance: Postcolonial Practice and the Antecedents of Theory

The zigzag lines of tentative connection: Indian-British contacts in the late nineteenth century

Tracing the Visible and the Invisible through African Literature, Publishing, Film, and Performance Art

Madiba Magic: Nelson Mandela’s Charisma’

Perspectives on the South African War

J. M. Coetzee in Context and Theory

Circulating Forms: The Jingo Poem at the Height of Empire

J.M. Coetzee's Australian Realism

J.M. Coetzee's Australian Realism

Katherine Mansfield as Colonial Modernist

Re-making Britishness: Indians at Oxford at the Turn of the Century

The English Novel and the World

The Worlding of the Jingo Poem

Doubling the Writer

Her Walk in the Park

Long Live!

Nelson Mandela

Sharmilla, and Other Portraits

The Indian postcolonial: A Critical Reader

Zulu speaking

Achebe and His Influence in Some Contemporary African Writing

Edward Said and (the postcolonial occlusion of) Gender

Modernism and Colonialism

Postcolonial Studies and the Diasporic Netherlands

Queer Bodies

The Function of Narrative in the ’war on terror’: Response to Ahdaf Soueif

The Necessity of ’Terror’

'Beyond the icon: Mandela in his 90th year'

Introduction to The Joys of Motherhood

Nelson Mandela: A Very Short Introduction

Nile Baby

Scouting for Boys’

Postcolonial Writing and Terror

Asexual and Anal: Baden-Powell and the Boy Scouts

Colonial and Postcolonial Literature Migrant Metaphors

Empire, the National, and the Postcolonial, 1890-1920 Resistance in Interaction

India Calling

Scouting for Boys A Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship

Empire Writing An Anthology of Colonial Literature 1870-1918

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