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The Art of Indirection in Trouble in Paradise (1932)

Vertigo and the Spectator of Film Analysis

Barbara Stanwyck

Living Meaning: The Fluency of Film Performance

Expressing the In-Between

Notes on Stanley Cavell and Philosophical Criticism

The Language and Style of Film Criticism

Internalising the Musical

'What Becomes of Thinking on Film?: Sanley Cavell in Conversation with Andrew Klevan'

Guessing the Unseen from the Seen: Stanley Cavell and Film Interpretation

Film Performance From Achievement to Appreciation

The Mysterious Disappearance of Style: Some Critical Notes about the Writing on 'Dead Ringers'

Disclosure of the everyday undramatic achievement in narrative film

The Composition of Charisma: The Lines of Sporting Seduction in Ron Shelton's Tin Cup'

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