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Modernism’s Translations

Modernism’s Translations

Photography/ Vortography

Pound’s New Criticism

Russian translation in British modernism

Translation and Literature Special Issue

Migration, Circulation, Drift: Translation and Visuality in Modernist and Contemporary Poetry

'Ezra Pound and the Modernist Visual Revolution'

'Non-translation and the International Future'

Russomania: Russian culture and the creation of British modernism, 1881-1922

'Summary of the Anglo-Russian Research Network'

'Ezra Pound'

'Introduction: Against Influence: On Writing about Russian Culture in Britain'

Russia in Britain, 1880-1940 From Melodrama to Modernism

Commentary: 'In violet ink: Virginia Woolf’s “translations”'

'On Not Knowing Russian: The Translations of Virginia Woolf and S.S. Kotelianskii'

'Reading Russian: Russian Studies and the Literary Canon'


Love and Honour, or the Adventures of Serinda

Modernism's Translations

Introduction: The Illusion of Transparency

'Visual Arts'

Pound's New Criticism

Literature and the Visual Arts: Art and Letters (1917-20) and The Apple (1920-22)

Theorists of Modernist Poetry T.S. Eliot, T.E. Hulme, Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound and the Visual Culture of Modernism

'Wyndham Lewis and Modernist Satire'

“A Definite Meaning”: The Art Criticism of T.E. Hulme

'Russia and the Invention of the Modernist Intelligentsia'

'The Modern Public and Vortography'

'Towards Problem-Based Learning in English Studies'

'Ezra Pound's Whistler'

Art as Propaganda for Literary Modernism

Dada's Place in The Cantos

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