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Homosociality and the Aesthetic in James’s Roderick Hudson

Poetry, parody, porn and prose

Reading Cosmopolitanism, Aestheticism and Decadence

Late Victorian into Modern

Alan Hollinghurst: Writing Under the Influence

Rewriting the Genealogy of Minstrelsy for Modernity: “Cry and Sing, Walk and Rage, Scream and Dance”

Oscar Wilde, Henry James and the Fate of Aestheticism

Beautiful souls mixed up with hooked noses: Art, degeneration, and anti-semitism in the master and trilby

Notes on Oscar Wilde's transatlantic gender politics

Aestheticism and Decadence

The Tragic Muse

The Tragic Muse

‘I’m not a bit expensive’: Henry James and the Sexualization of the Victorian Girl

'Revaluing and Re-Evaluating Richard Ellmann's Oscar Wilde' [An assessment commissioned by THE OSCHOLARS to mark the twentieth anniversary of the publication]

Henry James, Oscar Wilde and Aesthetic Culture

Ticket to Rye: a Visit to Henry James's House

Oscar Wilde

Reconsidering race, Language and Identity in The Emperor Jones

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