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'It is still mañana', [on Robert Frost]

Byron's Feet

Poetry by Numbers

Unknowing Lyric

Edward Lear and the Play of Poetry

Falling for Edward Lear

Supping on Horrors [on Thomas De Quincey]

What Most I Love I Bite

'The lighthouse stares back' [on Elizabeth Bishop]

Thomas Love Peacock, Crotchet Castle

'I can bite anything I want' [on Lewis Carroll]

'Damn the Respectable' [on Edward Thomas]

The Funny Thing about Trees

Eliot Among The Comedians

‘Hardy’s Imperfections’

Life Lessons from Byron

'Metropolitan Miscreants' [on nineteenth-century London]

Dickens by the Clock

Edward Lear's Lines of Flight

The Oxford Handbook of Victorian Poetry

Comedy: A Very Short Introduction

'Kids Gone Rotten' [on Treasure Island]

Wordsworth's Folly

Wordsworth at Play

The Art of Eloquence Byron, Dickens, Tennyson, Joyce

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