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Critical Quarterly Special Issue


Little Clippings: Cutting and Pasting Bibles in 1630s England

Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies Special Issue

Book Destruction from the Medieval to the Contemporary

"Ha, ha, ha”: Shakespeare and the Edge of Laughter

Cutting and authorship in early modern England

‘Divines into dry Vines’: forms of jesting in Renaissance England


"There is a world elsewhere”: Imagining The Globe Through Popular Print

“Shreds of holinesse”: George Herbert, Little Gidding, and Cutting Up Texts in Early Modern England [with illustrations]

Henry Peacham

Lancelot Andrewes

Thomas Dekker

What We Talk About When We Talk About Scissors

Autobiography in Early Modern England

Commonplace Book Culture: A List of Sixteen Traits

Tavern and Library: Working with Ben Jonson

Almanacs, Annotators, and Life‐Writing in Early Modern England

"Art Reflexive": The Poetry, Sermons, and Drama of William Strode (1601 -1645)

Re-presenting Satire: Topicality, Nostalgia and Civil War Literature

"Profit and Delight" Printed Miscellanies in England, 1640-1682

A Pleasing Sinne Drink and Conviviality in Seventeenth-century England

Textual Transmission, Reception and the Editing of Early Modern Texts 1

“Rend and teare in peeces”: Textual Fragmentation in Seventeenth-Century England

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