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Circumstantial Shakespeare

Rhetoric and Law


Forensic History: Henry V and Scotland

The Oxford Handbook of English Law and Literature, 1500-1700

'Proof and Probability: Law, Imagination and the Form of Things Unknown'

The Shakespearean unscene: Sexual phantasies in A Midsummer's Night's Dream

‘ “I will conclude / Out of the circumstances”: Proof and Probability in The Devil is an Ass’

'"Lively Evidence”: Legal inquiry and the Evidentia of Shakespearean Drama’

‘The Evidential Plot: Shakespeare and Gascoigne at Gray’s Inn’

Legalities: Theatre

Law, Crime and Punishment

Discourses and Representations of Friendship in Early Modern Europe, 1500–1700

"Che indizio, cheprova...?" Ariosto's Legal Conjectures and the English Renaissance Stage

Probable Infidelities from Bandello to Massinger

‘Fictive Acts: Thomas Nashe and the Mid-Tudor Legacy’

Imagining Justice: Kantorowicz and Shakespeare

The Invention of Suspicion:Law and Mimesis in Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama Law and Mimesis in Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama

Noises Off: Participatory Justice in 2 Henry VI

Forensic Aspects of Renaissance Mimesis

Rethinking the “Spectacle of the Scaffold”: Juridical Epistemologies and English Revenge Tragedy

Literature, Politics and Law in Renaissance England

Liking Men: Ben Jonson's Closet Opened

Civility and Virility in Ben Jonson

Rhetoric and Law in Early Modern Europe

'The Double Voice of Equity and Literary Voices of Women'

Feminism and Renaissance Studies

The Usurer's Daughter Male Friendship and Fictions of Women in 16th Century England

Thomas Nashe in Context