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Contrasting Contextualizations in a Copy of Robert Crowley’s Edition of Piers Plowman

‘As I kan now remembre’: Memory and Making in The House of Fame

‘In bookes thus writen I fynde’: Hoccleve’s Self-Glossing in the Regiment of Princes and the Series

Silent in Finisterre

Diverting Authorities Experimental Glossing Practices in Manuscript and Print

Parrot’s Poetics: Fragmentation, Theory, and Practice in Skelton’s Writing

Editorial Glossing and Reader Resistance in a Copy of Robert Crowley’s Piers Plowman

The Author

The Word with Another Word Behind It: Bilinguality and Poetic Voice


“Divers of Langage”: the ‘Macaronic’ Glossing of Skelton’s Speke Parrot.

Lusty Iuventus

Terrestrial Variations

Forgetting the Crow: Bilinguality and Poetic Voice

John Skelton and Poetic Authority: Defining the Liberty to Speak

"An Ende of an Olde Song": Middle English Lyric and the Skeltonic

Exhortations to the Reader: the glossing of Douglas's Eneados in Cambridge, Trinity College MS O.3.12

Having the Last Word: Manuscript, Print and the Envoy in the Poetry of John Skelton

Another Country

Counterfeit Countenaunce: (Mis)representation and the Challenge to Allegory in Sixteenth-Century Morality Plays

The Object of Allegory: Truth and Prophecy in Stephen Hawes's 'Conforte of Lovers'

Voicing the Commonplace: Emblem, Interpretation, and Civil Society in William Bullein’s Dialogue against the Fever Pestilence

Icarus on Earth

Text and Authority: John Stow’s 1568 Edition of Skelton’s Works

What’s in a Name? The Transmission of “John Skelton, Laureate” in Manuscript and Print

A Contradiction in Terms: Skelton’s “effecte energiall” in A Replycacion

The Matter of Invention in Hawes’ Passetyme of Pleasure.

“Shredis of Sentence”: Skelton’s Speke Parrot and Humanist Teaching Methods

The Grammarian as “Poeta” and “Vates”: Self-Presentation in the AntiBossicon

A Grip on Thin Air

The House

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