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'Mind the gap': Making Meaning in the Theatre


Keynote address

Keynote address, 'Shakespeare on Health and Illness'

Shakespeare Myths

The history of etcetera

What is a Source? Or, How Shakespeare Read his Marlowe

Cognition, endorphins, and the literary response to tragedy

A Christmas renaissance.

Emotional arousal when watching drama increases pain threshold and social bonding.

Textual Embodiment: The Case of Etcetera

Ambiguity and Audience Response

Typographical Embodiment: the case of etcetera

Othello: Language and Writing

Marlowe and Character

30 Great Myths about Shakespeare

Shakespeare and Co

'Time's Comic Sparks': The Dramaturgy of a Mad World my Masters and Timon of Athens

Audience-Actor Boundaries and Othello

Where There's a Will There's a Way

Pericles and the Language of National Origins

Helen of Troy: From Homer to Hollywood

W. W. Greg as Literary Critic

Studying Shakespeare A Guide to the Plays

How To Do Things With Shakespeare New Approaches, New Essays

Shakespeare's Names

Textual Formations and Reformations

Shakespearean Suspect Texts The 'Bad' Quartos and Their Contexts

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