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Lydgate and the Lenvoy

Margaret of Anjou as Patron of English Verse?: The Liber Proverbiorum and the Romans of Partenay

‘many a lay and many a thing’: Chaucer’s Technical Terms

James I of Scotland: ‘The Kingis Quair’: A Translation into Modern English Prose

The Vanishing english Virelai: French complainte in english in the fifteenth century

Thomas Hoccleve’s Poems for Henry V: Anti-Occasional Verse and Ecclesiastical Reform

Troilus and Criseyde a reader’s guide

Imaginings of Time in Lydgate and Hoccleve’s Verse (review)

The Creation of Lancastrian Kingship Literature, Language and Politics in Late Medieval England

Studies in late medieval and early Renaissance texts in honour of John Scattergood.

Lydgate's Poem to Thomas Chaucer: A Reassessment of its Diplomatic and Literary Contents

‘“Vostre Humble Matatyas”: Culture, Politics and the Percys’

‘Household Narratives and Lancastrian Poetics in Hoccleve’s Envoys and Other Early-Fifteenth-Century Middle English Poems’

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