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Panegyric and Its Discontents: The First Stuart Succession

‘“O pierlesse Poesye, where is then thy place?”’: Locating Patronage in Spenser’

'Patronage, Gentility and "Base Degree": Edmund Spenser and Lord Burghley'


'Ungainefull Arte' Poetry, Patronage, and Print in the Early Modern Era

Steven Mullaney, The Reformation of Emotions in the Age of Shakespeare (2015) [Book review]

Spenser and Classical Reception

Ireland's Eliza: Queen or Cailleach

The poetics of succession, 1587-1605: the Stuart claim

Spenser and Holinshed

Plato, poetic "praxis", and Renaissance Censorship

Edmund Spencer

The Oxford Handbook of Edmund Spencer

Authorial Self-Presentation

Ethnic Souls: Early Modern Catholicism in Ireland, Britain and Spain

Spenser, Plato and the Poetics of State

Incest, Drama and Nature’s Law 1550-1700

Plenary Lecture: Spenser, Plato and the Poetics of State

The Elizabethan Maecenas: Early Modern Patronage and the Augustan Exemplar