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Extra Alliteration on Stressed Syllables in Old English Poetry: Types, Uses and Evolution

Bigamy and the Bible in AElfric's Preface to Genesis

The Battle of Maldon : the Guile of the Vikings explained

Alliterating Finite Verbs and the Origin of Rank in Old English Poetry

Reading Chaucer in New College, Oxford, in the 1630s: the commendatory verses to Francis Kynaston's Amorum Troili et Creseidae

Old English poetic diction not in Old English verse or prose – and the curious case of Aldhelm's five athletes

On the Lexical Property termed "Rank" in Old English Poetry and its Later Developments

The Register of Divine Speech in Genesis A

A Possible Use of Pliny’s Historia Naturalis in the Old English Rune Poem

From Prose to Verse


The Composition of the Metres

Exeter Book Riddle 74 AC ’Oak’ and Bat ’Boat’

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