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“All the World’s a Stage and All the Men Are Merely Players”: Theatre-Going in London During the Hundred Days

British Women Writers of Peninsular Fiction

The Changing Theatrical Economy: Charles Dibdin the Younger at Sadler's Wells, 1814-19

Empire, Revolution and Patriotism in Thomas Morton’s Columbus; Or, A World Discovered (1792)

Staging the Peninsular War

The Oxford Handbook of the Georgian Theatre 1737–1832, edited by Julia Swindells and David Francis Taylor

Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century, edited by Peter Sabor and Fiona Ritchie

Theatres of Opposition: Empire, Revolution & Richard Brinsley Sheridan, by David Francis Taylor [Book review]

‘Teaching Guide to Anne Lister and the Ladies of Llangollen’

‘“For the sake of illustrating principles”: Wordsworth, the Convention of Cintra, and Satirical Prints’

‘“An Introduction to the Literary Person[s]” of Anne Lister and the Ladies of Llangollen’.

‘Walter Scott’s Vision of Don Roderick (1811): “A Drum and Trumpet Performance”?’

The BARS Review

Women’s Romantic Theatre and Drama: History, Agency, and Performativity [Book review]

Spanish America and British Romanticism 1777-1826, by R. Cole Heinowitz

‘“He that can bring the dead to life again”: Resurrecting the Spanish setting of Coleridge’s Osorio (1797) and Remorse (1813)’.

Romantic Englishwomen and “the Theatre of Glory”: The Role of the Peninsular War in Forging British National Identity

Celebrity, Performance, Reception: British Georgian Theatre as Social Assemblage by David Worrall

Empire, Revolution and Patriotism in Morton’s Columbus: Or, A World Discovered

Review Review of British Drama of the Industrial Revolution, by Frederick Burwick (Cambridge University Press, 2015), The Review of English Studies, 29 April 2016.

Staging History

The BARS Review

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