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Celebrity, Performance, Reception: British Georgian Theatre as Social Assemblage by David Worrall

Empire, Revolution and Patriotism in Morton’s Columbus: Or, A World Discovered

Staging History

The BARS Review

“All the World’s a Stage and All the Men Are Merely Players”: Theatre-Going in London During the Hundred Days

British Women Writers of Peninsular Fiction

The Changing Theatrical Economy: Charles Dibdin the Younger at Sadler's Wells, 1814-19

Staging the Peninsular War

JULIA SWINDELLS and DAVID FRANCIS TAYLOR (eds). The Oxford Handbook of The Georgian Theatre 1737-1832.

Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century, edited by Peter Sabor and Fiona Ritchie

Theatres of Opposition: Empire, Revolution & Richard Brinsley Sheridan, by David Francis Taylor [Book review]

Teaching Guide for: Anne Lister and the Ladies of Llangollen

“For the sake of illustrating principles”: Wordsworth, the Convention of Cintra, and Satirical Prints

An Introduction to the ‘literary person[s]’ of Anne Lister and the Ladies of Llangollen

‘Walter Scott’s Vision of Don Roderick (1811): “A Drum and Trumpet Performance”?’

Women’s Romantic Theatre and Drama: History, Agency, and Performativity [Book review]

Spanish America and British Romanticism 1777-1826, by R. Cole Heinowitz

‘“He that can bring the dead to life again”: Resurrecting the Spanish setting of Coleridge’s Osorio (1797) and Remorse (1813)’.

Romantic Englishwomen and “the Theatre of Glory”: The Role of the Peninsular War in Forging British National Identity

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