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"Letting Oneself Go": John Stuart Mill and Helmuth Plessner on Tears

Aesthetic Value and Literary Criticism

Assisted Living: “Aciting Naturally” in Room 335

Editing Wuthering Heights

Guest Lecture

Hardy’s Tennyson

Literature v. Science

Miroslav Holub, Ronald Hoffman and the Two Cultures Debate

On Sweetness and Light, and Other Utilities

Panel Member: Literature and Science

Subjectivity, psychology, and the Imagination

The Double Standard’ and Other Questions

Three Kinds of Loneliness for the Long Distance Runner

Speech beyond Toleration: On Carlyle and Moral Controversialism Now

Vanity Fair

Caprice: Individual Subjectivity in Literary Criticism

Does Self-Identity Persist into Old Age?

‘The Situation of the Humanities in the UK’

The Last Chronicle of Barset

The Double Standard of Aging: On Missing Stendhal in England

Edward Upward and the Critique of Everyday Late Life

The Value of the Humanities

The Literary Example in Moral Philosophy Today

Dispensing with Style

Fully Accountable

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