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Not Diane: The Risk of Error in Chaucerian Classicism

Designing English - Early Literature on the Page

Revolting Remedies from the Middle Ages


“Thys ys my boke”: Imagining the Owner in the Book

Early Humanism in England

Le déclin du multilinguisme dans The Boke of Noblesse de William Worcester et dans son codicille

The Production of Books in England 1350-1500

Humanism and Printing

Scribal Correction and Literary Craft: English Manuscripts 1375-1510

When Scribes Won’t Write: Gaps in Middle English Books

Humanist and Classical Translations

Editing and Correcting

Rastell's Gentleness and Nobility

England: Humanism Beyond Weiss

The Production of Books in England 1350-1500

Caxton's Exemplar for The Chronicles of England?

Religion, Humanism and Humanity: Chaundler's Dialogues and the Winchester Secretrum

Writing the Words

Maked na moore: Editing and Narrative

Hoccleve and Lydgate

Instructing Readers in Early Poetic Manuscripts

Stephen Hawes and Courtly Education

Manuscripts and Modern Editions

Evidence for the Construction of Quires from a Fifteenth-Century English Manuscript

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