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Now good swet hert biholdith this scripture: the tangible rhetoric of late-medieval envoys

The Romance of the Middle Ages

‘Heer Y die in thy presence’: The Rewriting of Martyrs in and after Hoccleve

Thomas Hoccleve (Encyclopedia Entry)

Eglamour of Artois (Encyclopedia Entry)

Emare (Encyclopedia Entry)

Introduction: The Materiality of Medieval Romance and The Erle of Tolous

Medieval Romance and Material Culture

The Romance of the Middle Ages

Ekphrasis and Narrative in Emaré and Sir Eglamour of Artois

Anglo-Saxon Culture and the Modern Imagination

Biblical Allusion and Prophetic Authority in Gildas's De excidio Britanniae

Writing , Authority, and Bureaucracy

Haunted Hoccleve? The Regiment of Princes, the Troilean Intertext, and Conversations with the Dead

Hoccleve's Regiment of Princes Counsel and Constraint

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