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Literary Allusion in Harry Potter Hogwarts' Library

The Salvation of Oaths: Grace, Swearing and Hamlet in The Revenger's Tragedy

Christ’s tears over Jerusalem and maternal cannibalism in early modern London

The Destruction of Jerusalem in Early Modern English Literature

The Siege of Jerusalem and subversive rhetoric in King John

The Morality of Milk: Shakespeare and the Ethics of Nursing

Heraldic Language and Identity in Shakespeare’s Plays

‘One man at one time may be in two placys?’: Jack Juggler, proverbial wisdom and eucharistic satire

Pilgrimage in Paradise Lost

Urban Identity and the Old Jewry in Jonson’s Every Man in his Humour

”Those sanctified places where our Sauiours feete had trode”: Jerusalem in Early Modern English Travel Narratives

”They repented at the preaching of Ionas: and beholde, a greater than Ionas is here”: A Looking Glass for London and England, Hosea and the Destruction of Jerusalem

Laughter in the Time of Plague: A Context for the Unstable Style of Nashe's 'Christ's Tears over Jerusalem'

The Redcrosse Knight and the George

’The Complaynt of the Lover of Cryst’ 1520

Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Genevan marginalia

Now wole I a newe game begynne”: Staging suffering in King Lear, the mystery plays and Hugo Grotius’s Christus Patiens

Texts and Traditions Religion in Shakespeare 1592 - 1604

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