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"Other Classics"

"Slums and the Postcolonial Uncanny"

Funny English, Queer Indian: The New Novel in 50s India

Poor like them: Representations of Poverty in South Asian Literature and Cinema

Postcolonial Responses to the Canon

Seduction in Two Languages

Vernacular Modernity in the Subcontinent

Writer Among the Ruins: Conrad, Said, Naipaul

’Funny English, Queer Indian’

’The Victorian Canon and the Aesthetic Critic’, ’Loose Canons: Victorian Canonicity’

After Lacan

The Hysterical Material


Introduction: Postcolonial Reading Publics

"Borderless Worlds"


"Creole Modernism"

Primetime Psychoanalysis

A Concise Companion to Psychoanalysis, Literature, and Culture

Race: Victorian Literature. [Bibliography]

What is a Classic?: Postcolonial Rewiting and Invention of the Canon

Postcolonial Responses to the Western Canon

"This Traffic of Influence": Derrida and Spivak

The Rushdie Canon

Post Colonial Responses to the Western Canon

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