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Hamlet and the Vision of Darkness

La morte del padre: Translating Machiavelli

The Same Principle of Reason: John Wilkins and Language

Young Hamlet

Francis Bacon and ingenuity

On looking again into Champagnolla's Homer

Impartiality and Disingenuousness in English Rational Religion

Thinking with Animals in the Early Royal Society

Hamlet, Metaphor, and Memory

Two Meanings in One Word: A Note on Shakespeare's Richard III, III.I.81-83

John Wilkins

Samuel Hartlib

Shakespeare's Clouds and the Image Made by Chance

William Petty

William Petty on the Order of Nature: An Unpublished Manuscript Treatise

William Petty's Anthropology: Religion, Colonialism, and the Problem of Human Diversity

An Early Reader of Dryden’s Absalom and Architophel

Francis Bacon, Allegory and the Uses of Myth

Historians, Critics and Historicists

The Enlightenment

A Kind of Sagacity: Francis Bacon, the ars memoriae and the Pursuit of Natural Knowledge

Hooke’s Two Buckets: Memory, Mnemotechnique and Knowledge in the Early Royal Society

Language, Mind and Nature Artificial Languages in England from Bacon to Locke

Robert Hooke at 371

An Unpublished Letter from Andrew Marvell to William Petty

Of "Origenian Platonisme": Joseph Glanvill on the Pre-existence of Souls

A Babel off Broad Street: Artificial Language Planning in 1650s Oxford

‘The Best Mnemonicall Expedient’: John Beale’s Art of Memory and its Uses

John Evelyn, the Early Royal Society, and Artificial Language Projection: A New Source

The Publication of John Wilkins’s Essay (1668): Some Contextual Considerations

The efforts of the Aubrey correspondence group to revise John Wilkins’ Essay (1668) and their context

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