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Elizabeth Robins

The Women Writers Suffrage League

Based on a true story

Introduction: Transnational Scriptworlds

Ten Lessons in Theory: An Introduction to Theoretical Writing’ by Calvin Thomas

Igaz történeten alapul [Based on a True Story], trans. Csaba András

An Unknown Masterpiece: On Pak Kyongni's Land and World Literature

The Adaptive Comparative

The 'hard' problem from a literary perspective: on cognitive literary criticism

The Dilemma of Cognitive Literary Criticism

Introduction: Beside thinking

The Pan-Asian Empire and World Literatures

"Who are these people?": Anthropomorphism, Dehumanization and the Question of the Other

Science and literature: Reflections on interdisciplinarity and modes of knowledge

Science and Literature: Reflections on Interdisciplinarity and Modes of Knowledge

The “Feeling of Knowing” in Mrs Dalloway: Neuroscience and Woolf


Apostolic Minds and the Spinning House: Jane Ellen Harrison and Virginia Woolf's Discourse of Alterity

Political activism and women’s modernism

Metempsychosis and Chiasmatic Encounters: On Margaret Drabble’s The Red Queen

Women's Suffrage Literature: The fiction of Gertrude Colmore

Mediating women's suffrage literature

Suffrage and Virginia Woolf: 'The mass behind the single voice'

Doing Justice to the Real Girl: The WWSL

The First Professional: The Women Writers' Suffrage League

Suffrage Fiction: A Political Discourse in the Marketplace

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