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The Originality of the Orrmulum

The Oxford English Literary History Volume 1: 1000-1350: Conquest and Transformation

New Medieval Literatures 17

New Medieval Literatures 16

Richard II

Early Fiction in England: From Geoffrey of Monmouth to Chaucer

1155 and the Beginnings of Fiction

The Ideal of Knighthood in English and French Writing, 1100-1230

War and Literature


Holinshed and Mythical History

The Anomalous King of Conquered England

Harold Godwineson

Geffrei Gaimar: History of the English

Mutatio dexterae Excelsi: Narratives of Transformation after the Conquest

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the Limits of Chivalry

The Exploitations of Medieval Romance

The Hero and his Realm in Medieval English Romance

William Marshal, Lancelot, and Arthur

William Marshal, Lancelot, and Arthur: Chivalry and Kingship

Fiction and History in England, 1066-1200

Reading like a clerk in The Clerk's Tale

The Meaning of Suffering: Symbolism and anti-symbolism in the death of Tristan

'Exile-and-return' and English Law: The Anglo-Saxon Inheritance of Insular Romance

The Short Charter of Christ: an unpublished longer version, from Cambridge University Library, MS. Add. 6686

'A Prayer and a Warcry' The Creation of a Secular Religion inthe Song of Roland

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