Statement on the Oxford English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT)

Candidates applying in October 2024 will not sit the Oxford ELAT


The Faculty of English has taken the decision not to set an admissions test (the Oxford ELAT) for candidates applying in October 2024 to study English. Though we remain committed in the long term to the value and efficacy of setting a standard test for all applicants, we are currently undertaking a process to consider how we can run the Oxford ELAT in future in a way that gives all candidates the best opportunity to demonstrate the critical skills and thinking we are looking for. Once this process is complete, we hope to be in a position to run the Oxford ELAT again.

Candidates applying in 2024 to study English alongside another subject (Classics, History, or a Modern Language) will not take the Oxford ELAT, but may be required to take an admissions test in the other subject. Please consult the admissions pages for that subject for up-to-date information on whether they are setting an admissions test and, if so, the form that test will take.

Applicants will still be required to send us samples of their written work, which we look forward to reading. Updated guidelines on this written work will be published on this website in early May 2024.