Medical Humanities Summer School


Are you a medical student who is interested in how humanities subjects can help develop your skills? Are you a humanities student who wants to make connections with other disciplines in humanities and sciences? Are you a sixth-former who wants to broaden your intellectual reach?

Oxford’s top academics will introduce you to the interface between clinical medicine and narrative, philosophy, law, ethics, gender studies, hierarchies, history (including history of the emotions), art history, theatre (body language; spatial dynamics), theology, management, observation (visual and linguistic), compassion, boundaries (to name but a few) … Come and learn how to think in an integrated way.

Download the brochure here.

The cost of the week is £1200 (all-inclusive), payable once a place has been offered and confirmed. A discounted non-residential rate of £700 is available for Oxford University students, or residents of Oxford.


If you are a school student and come under one of the following categories, you are eligible for a bursary. The bursary covers the full cost of the week, excluding travel to Oxford.
1. Students in care or care-leavers
2. Students in families with a household income below £18,000
3. Students with no family history of university attendance
4. Black and Minority Ethnic students
5. Students with OFFA, ACORN and POLAR flags (your teachers will know if this applies to you so ask them).

If you would like to apply for a bursary, please include a statement with your application, explaining your criteria.


The closing date for applications has now passed.