Dr Adam Guy

I am the Postdoctoral Research Assistant on the AHRC-funded Dorothy Richardson Scholarly Editions project. The project will produce ten volumes of scholarly editions of the fiction and letters of the pioneering modernist writer Dorothy Richardson. I have particular academic interests in the ways in which Richardson theorises listening and sound across her writing, and in how her thirteen-volume novel sequence Pilgrimage proposes radical notions of Care. I am currently preparing journal articles on these topics.

More broadly, I work on the avant-garde, the legacies of modernism, and the transit of ideas across art forms and geographies. My current monograph project looks at the British response to the nouveau roman (a constellation of French avant-garde novels/novelists). My monograph considers the ways in which the nouveau roman became a focal point for discussions of the ‘new’ (literary and otherwise) in postwar Britain, and takes in writers like Christine Brooke-Rose, B. S. Johnson, Muriel Spark, and Denis Williams.

  In Oxford, I have taught full courses on Prelims Paper 1b (Approaches to Literature) and Paper 4 (Literature in English 1910-Present), as well as supervising third-year undergraduate dissertations on a range of 19th-21st Century topics. Broad teaching interests include: 20th/21st Century literature; the novel; comparative literature; critical theory.



  • Caroline Levine, Forms: Whole, Rhythm, Hierarchy, Network .

  • SEBASTIAN GROES. British Fictions of the Sixties: The Making of the Swinging Decade.

  • Modernism, Existentialism, Postcriticism: Gabriel Marcel Reads Pilgrimage

  • Early Lessing, Commitment, the World

  • ‘that's a scientific fact’: Christine Brooke-Rose's Experimental Turn

  • More
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