Dr Gareth Lloyd Evans

My main research area is Old Norse-Icelandic literature, and I have particular research interests in masculinities, affect and emotion, skaldic poetry, and female homosociality. I have secondary research interests in Middle English literature and contemporary medievalism. 

My doctoral thesis interrogated the construction and problematization of masculinities within the Íslendingasögur (‘Sagas of Icelanders’), and I have work published or forthcoming on skaldic poetry, the correspondences between medieval and postmodern modes of textuality, and contemporary medievalism.

  • Old and Middle English
  • Old Norse
  • English Language



  • Men and Masculinities in the Sagas of Icelanders

  • Michael Hirst's Vikings and Old Norse Poetry

  • An Unwitting Return to the Medieval: Postmodern Literary Experiments and Middle English Textuality

  • The Construction of Diplomacy in the Various Accounts of Sigvatr Þórðarson's Bersöglisvísur

  • More
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