Dr Adam Guy

I work on modernism and the ways in which it extends beyond its traditional temporal and spatial designations. 

My current monograph project – forthcoming in 2019 with OUP – is titled The nouveau roman and the Novel in Britain After Modernism. It takes the dissemination, reception, and literary impact of the French nouveau roman as a case study for understanding the destinations and legacies of European high modernism in the postwar, postcolonial British literary field. It looks at Samuel Beckett, Christine Brooke-Rose, Eva Figes, B. S. Johnson, Muriel Spark, and Denis Williams, and considers the troubles that these writers – and the people who mediated their writing – had in articulating a concept of newness in relation to their work. I have already published research deriving from this project on Brooke-Rose, Johnson, and Doris Lessing. 

I also work on the modernist writer Dorothy Richardson. From mid-2016 to early 2019 I was the Postdoctoral Research Assistant on the Dorothy Richardson Editions Project - a multi-institution collaboration, funded by the AHRC, with the aim of producing scholarly editions of Richardson's fiction and letters. I have written articles on the French philosopher Gabriel Marcel's reading of Richardson's novel-sequence Pilgrimage, on Richardson’s engagement with the cultures of sonic modernity, on the theme/practice of care in Richardson's writing, and on the current preparation of scholarly editions of Richardson's work in the context of what has come to be called the New Modernist Editing. I am a member of the editorial board of Pilgrimages: The Journal of Dorothy Richardson Studies.

In 2017, with the support of the University of Oxford KE Seed Fund, I ran a project that explored how Richardson’s profile could be raised in Abingdon, the town of her birth (about seven miles south of Oxford). The primary outputs of this project were an exhibition at the Abingdon County Hall Museum and a freely-distributed comic made in collaboration with a local artist. You can find out more about the project here: https://dorothyrichardsonblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/20/dorothy-richardson-in-abingdon/

I am a College Lecturer in English at Wadham College, where I teach a range of writing from the late 18th Century to the present day. 

In Oxford I have taught full courses for Prelims Paper 1b (Approaches to Literature) and Paper 4 (Literature in English 1910-Present), as well as contributing to teaching for Paper 3 (Literature in English 1830-1910). I also co-convene the 'Writers and the Cinema' Paper 6 option for finalists with Professor Laura Marcus. In Hilary term 2017 I gave a lecture course called 'Late Modernisms'. 

In Michaelmas term 2017, I convened the 'Material Texts' B-Course for students on the MSt programmes 1900-Present Day, World Literatures in English, and English and American Studies. I also co-convene the MSt C-Course option 'Fiction in Britain Since 1945: History, Time and Memory' with Dr Marina MacKay and Professor Laura Marcus. I have supervised numerous undergraduate and Master's dissertations on a range of 19th-21st Century writing, theory, and cinema.




  • Modernism, Existentialism, Postcriticism: Gabriel Marcel Reads Pilgrimage

  • Early Lessing, Commitment, the World

  • ‘that's a scientific fact’: Christine Brooke-Rose's Experimental Turn

  • Johnson and the nouveau roman: Trawl and Other Butorian Projects

  • More
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