Dr Anna Beer

My new biography of William Shakespeare will be published in April 2021 in the Wiley Blackwell series, The Life of the Author). This follows a biography of Sir Walter Ralegh (Patriot or Traitor, Oneworld Publications, 2018) and Sounds and Sweet Airs: the Forgotten Women of Classical Music (Oneworld 2016), which explored the lives and works of eight female composers from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. I am currently working on a new book for Oneworld Publications which will bring together many of my research interests - more on this when it has fully taken shape. Sounds and Sweet Airs: the Forgotten Women of Classical Music (2016) explored the lives and works of eight women from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, and moves beyond England to France, Italy and Germany. Prior to that, my reading of the literary politics of the poetry of Ralegh and Spenser came out in Literary Ralegh; The Blackwell Companion to Literary Biography reprinted my article on the gendering of lifewriting; and I have written four OUP study guides (Marvell's short poems, Marlowe’s Edward the Second, Wycherley's The Country Wife and a literary companion to Hamlet). My research interests remain broadly focused on English literature of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, although Theoretical approaches to life-writing, historiography, travel writing and women's writing remain a significant focus. I am currently writing a major study of women's writing in English, to be published in 2022. I have been involved with the Creative Writing MSt in various capacities (including Acting Director) and am currently on the Advisory Board for the Kellogg Centre for Creative Writing.

  • Literature 1550 – 1700 (including Women’s Studies)
  • Creative Writing (narrative non-fiction)