Dr Caroline Anjali Ritchie

I am a postdoctoral fellow in English Literature at Exeter College, specialising in Romantic-era literature and visual culture. I hold a BA in Classics and English (Trinity College, Oxford), an MA in Art History, Curatorship, and Renaissance Culture (Warburg Institute), and a PhD in English and Art History (Tate Britain and the University of York).  

I am interested in intersections between literature, visual art, and mapping. My doctoral thesis focused on William Blake, eighteenth-century cartography, and the legacy of Blake’s cartographic imagination up to the present day. I am currently rewriting my PhD thesis for publication as a monograph. My other new research project focuses on global images in eighteenth-century literature and visual culture.

I teach English Literature 1760-1830 (Final Honour School Paper 5) to undergraduate students at Exeter College. I also support the teaching of students visiting Exeter College as part of the Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford (WEPO).


I am keen to hear from students and researchers interested in literary geography, radicalism and dissent, William Blake, cartography, psychogeography, and small-press publishing.


‘Mapping Bunyan, Mapping Blake: William Blake’s (Anti-)Cartographic Imagination,’ Literary Geographies, 9 (1), 2023, 69-100.


Local Blake: London-based Small Presses, Urban Topography, and the Afterlives of Golgonooza,’ Global Blake, University of Lincoln, 11-13 January 2022.


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