Dr Ian Thompson

  • The construction of English as a school subject, with particular reference to the teaching of reading and writing.
  • Social justice and English education.
  • Teacher education and development, informed by sociocultural and activity theory.

MSc Learning and Teaching

Advanced and Specialist Courses in Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) and Sociocultural Theory (DPhil): Oxford Centre for Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research

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Research Centre: Oxford Centre for Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research


  • Understanding the Structure of School Staff Advice Relations An Inferential Social Network Perspective

  • Exclusion from School in Scotland and across the UK: Contrasts and Questions

  • Practices of exclusion in cultures of ‘inclusive’ schooling in the United Kingdom

  • Factors associated with high and low levels of school exclusions: comparing the English and wider UK experience.

  • After Warnock: The effects of perverse incentives in policies in England for students with special educational need

  • More