Dr Oliver Clarkson

Romantic and post-Romantic poetry, especially Wordsworth; questions of style; inexpressibility; negativity; repetition; rhyme; allusion; revision. Broader interests include the history of close reading in theory and in practice; the legacies of seventeenth-century poetry; the relationship between letters and verse; the language of nature poetry; and certain deconstructive readings of verse.     

1660 to the present (Prelims 3, 4, and 1b; FHS 4 and 5). MSt courses on 'The Sonnet, 1770-1870' and 'Wordsworth and Coleridge, 1797-1817'. Co-convenor of the 1830-1914 MSt B course (covering bibliography, theories of text, history of the book, and manuscript studies). 



  • The Disappointment of Wordsworth's Letters

  • Wordsworth's Negative Way

  • Romantic Rhyme and the Airs that Stray

  • Wordsworth's Lyric Moments (1802)

  • Glimpses of Tranquillity: A Reading of The Ruined Cottage

  • Ovid's Metamorphoses: A Source for Wordsworth's River in Book IX of The Prelude

  • More