Dr Rafael Pascual

Rafael J. Pascual specializes in medieval English language and literature, with a focus on Old English poetry. His research project, 'Continental Sources of Anglo-Saxon Poetry', has been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Ramón y Cajal programme with a grant of €120,000 additional to salary. At Oxford, he has been Stipendiary Lecturer in English at New College, Lecturer in Old and Middle English at Magdalen College, and Departmental Lecturer in English Language and Literature at the Faculty of English and Pembroke College. He was also Postdoctoral Research Assistant at CLASP: A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry (an ERC-funded project based at the Oxford English Faculty).

He received his Ph.D. from the University of Granada (2014), with a dissertation on the dating and textual criticism of Beowulf, on the strength of which he gained a two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard University. He is the co-editor, with Leonard Neidorf and Tom Shippey, of Old English Philology: Studies in Honour of R. D. Fulk (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2016), and one of the contributors to The Dating of Beowulf: A Reassessment (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2014). His articles on Old and Middle English alliterative poetry have appeared in journals such as Medium ÆvumEnglish Studies, Journal of Germanic Linguistics, Neophilologus, Studia Neophilologica, Notes and Queries, and ANQ. He has also contributed to the Old and Middle English sections of The Year's Work in English Studies.

His dissertation received the 2013–2014 Extraordinary Doctorate Award. In 2017, he won the 'Excellence in Knowledge' Research Award of Grupo Caja Rural (one of Spain's leading banking groups) for his contributions to medieval English scholarship. These are some of the areas on which he has published peer-reviewed essays:

  • The continuity between Old and Middle English alliterative poetry
  • Monsters in Beowulf and Anglo-Latin literature
  • Old Norse influence on the language of Beowulf
  • Humour and heroic legend in Beowulf
  • Old English metre and poetics
  • The editing of Old English poetical manuscripts
  • The dating of Old English verse
  • Ælfric of Eynsham's rhythmical prose
  • Medievalism

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  • Prelims Paper 1a – Introduction to English Language
  • Prelims Paper 2 – Early Medieval Literature, c.650–1350
  • FHS Paper 2 – Literature in English 1350–1550 
  • Course II Paper 1 – Literature in English 650–1100
  • Course II Paper 4 – The History of the English Language to c. 1800
  • Course II Paper 5 – The Material Text
  • FHS Paper 7 – Dissertation



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