Dr Rafael J. Pascual

  Beowulf, Old English Philology, Old English Heroic Legend, Textual Criticism

  Old and Middle English Language and Literature, Beowulf



  • Bliss's Rule and Old English Metrics

  • Manuscript Evidence and Metrical Authenticity: A Response to Seiichi Suzuki

  • Material Monsters and Semantic Shifts

  • Oral Tradition and the History of English Alliterative Verse

  • Sievers, Bliss, Fulk, and Old English Metrical Theory

  • Three-position Verses and the Metrical Practice of the Beowulf Poet

  • Old English Metrical History and the Composition of Widsið

  • Old English Philology Studies in Honour of R.D. Fulk

  • On a Crux in Beowulf : The Alliteration of Finite Verbs and the Scribal Understanding of Metre

  • Ælfric's Rhythmical Prose and the Study of Old English Metre

  • The Language of Beowulf and the Conditioning of Kaluza’s Law

  • More
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