Dr Stephanie M. Volder

I am currently working on a project titled Entangled Islands: Imagining the End of Slavery in Jamaica through the trope of the Haitian Revolution, 1791-1834.

The project examines how a transatlantic print culture of Black Atlantic literature, colonial newspapers, and epistolary writing represented revolutionary events in Haiti through a predominantly Gothic aesthetic. It explores a prevalent Jamaica/Haiti comparison in contemporary writing in which Jamaica and its future were read via the history of Saint-Domingue and the establishment of Haiti.


My research interests are eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature, colonial writing, women's writing, the Black Atlantic, literature on slavery, slave rebellions, emancipation, abolition, decolonisation, postcolonial theory, the politics of form, genre theory, the Gothic, the Sentimental, the epistolary novel.

The Gothic from 1764 til today

Jane Eyre and the colonies

Charlotte Smith and Jamaican slavery

Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, and slavery

Matthew G. Lewis and Gothic slave rebellions

John Thellwal, English Radical writing, and the Haitian Revolution




Please send me an email if you have similar research interests or inquiries about the Entangled Island project.