Dr William Poole

I was educated at New College and Linacre College from 1995-2000, before taking up a Research Fellowship at Downing College, Cambridge, from 2000-2004, after which I returned in 2004 to New College as a Tutorial Fellow in English. I am also the Fellow Librarian of my college, and a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. 

My research lies in early-modern literary, intellectual, and scientific history. I also have strong interests in bibliography, palaeography, and the history of libraries, especially Oxford libraries. My two most recent books are Milton and the Making of 'Paradise Lost' (Harvard, 2017), and John Fell’s New Year Books, 1666–1686 (Oxford Bibliographical Society, 2018). 

My current projects are: 1) a critical history of Oxford books and book economy from c. 1580 to c. 1720, my long-term project; 2) aspects of the scholarly reception of Chinese language and history in the early-modern period; 3) the Scottish Neo-Latin poet Peter Goldman of Dundee (1587/8-1628) and his times; 4) the shelf-lists and benefactors register of Oxford's Anatomy School Museum, c. 1630-1780; 5) the early seventeenth-century Oxford academic play The Sophister/Fallacy, in its parallel, variant texts. I have recently completed editions of John Milton's selected prose (Penguin), and his manuscript writings, including his commonplace book (OUP). I am also editing, separately, the complete correspondences of two important figures of seventeenth-century natural philosophy, Robert Hooke (OUP), and John Aubrey (this latter with Rhodri Lewis). Other long-term projects are concentrated on the libraries and learning of the theologian John Hales; the orientalist and pioneering sinologist Thomas Hyde; and the naturalist Francis Willughby. 

With James Willoughby, I co-edit the Bibliographical Society’s quarterly journal, The Library, and for the college I produce the biennial New College Notes. Willoughby and I also co-ordinate the ongoing New College manuscript cataloguing project. A list of publications is available under the 'Other Information' tab.

All aspects of English literature c. 1500-c. 1830.


John Fell’s New Year Books, 1666–1686. Oxford: Oxford Bibliographical Society, 2018. 

Milton and the Making of Paradise Lost. Harvard: Harvard University Press, 2017.

John Aubrey and the Advancement of Learning. Oxford: Bodleian Library, 2010. 

The World-Makers: Scientists of the Restoration and the Search for the Origins of the Earth. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010, pbk 2017.    

Milton and the Idea of the Fall. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005, pbk 2009. Also published in electronic format. Winner of the Milton Society's James Holly Hanford Award for distinguished monograph on John Milton (2006).



New College Library Through Time. Oxford: New College, 2017.

Wadham College Books in the Age of John Wilkins (1614–1672). Oxford: Wadham College, 2014.



John Milton, Manuscript Writings (The Commonplace Book and other manuscript texts) for The Oxford Milton, 12 vols. (vol. 11), 2019 forthcoming.

New College Library Benefactors’ Book, an ongoing edition (1601-1610 completed so far). http://www.new.ox.ac.uk/ncnotes

‘The Letters of Shen Fuzong to Thomas Hyde, 1687-88’, electronic British Library Journal (2015), article 9.

John Milton, Areopagitica and Other Writings. London: Penguin, 2014.

The Captives: Three Fragments of an Early Seventeenth-Century Theatrical Adaptation of Plautus’ Captivi’, Malone Society Collections XVI. Manchester: MUP for the Malone Society, 2011.

Francis Lodwick, Writings on Language, Theology, and Utopia, ed. with Felicity Henderson. Oxford: OUP, 2011. Also published in Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO), 2013.

‘An Edition of Jacobus Colius, ‘Tractatus de fictis characteribus’ or ‘Tractate on Ciphers’ (1584-6), with an English Translation’, Oxford University Research Archive (2010).

Francis Godwin, The Man in the Moone (1638). An edition with ancillary texts. Ontario: Broadview Press, 2009. Broadview Editions, 176pp, pbk.

Francis Lodwick, A Description of a Country Not Named (Sloane MS 931, fols. 1r-33r). An edition with an annotated primary bibliography and an introductory essay on Lodwick and his intellectual context. Tempe, Arizona: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2007.


Edited Books:

John Wilkins (1614–1672): New Essays, edited by William Poole. Leiden: Brill, 2017. 

Thinking with Shakespeare: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Essays, edited with an introduction by William Poole and Richard Scholar. Oxford: Legenda, 2007.


Edited Journals:

The Library, from 2013, with James Willoughby of New College.

New College Notes: An electronic journal focused on the history and collections of New College, Oxford. As Fellow Librarian I founded this journal and write many of its articles, 39 to date.

Guest-editor, with A. R. Linn, of an issue of Language and History (2013), in memory of Vivian Salmon; Linn and I co-authored an introduction for this too.


Web Resources:

Robert Hooke’s Books (http://www.hookesbooks.com/). With Yelda Nasifoglu and Felicity Henderson. Database of library, with extensive introduction and ancillary materials.


Chapters in Books:

‘The Savilian Library’, in Reading Mathematics in the Early Modern Period, ed. Benjamin Wardhaugh (Ashgate, 2019 forthcoming).

‘Collection by Donation: The Benefactors’ Registers of Oxford College Libraries in the Seventeenth Century’, in Book Collecting in Ireland and Britain, ed. Elizabethanne Boran (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2019).

‘Richard Hakluyt: From Oxford to the Moon’, in Richard Hakluyt: The World in a Book (Oxford: Christ Church, 2018), pp. 53-66.

‘Wadham College Library: The First Century’, in John Wilkins (1614–1672): New Essays above, a revision of part two of Wadham College Books in the Age of John Wilkins (1614–1672).

‘Early English Sinology 1577-1688’, in Ann Coiro, ed., Emergent Nation: Early Modern British Literature in Transition. 1660-1714 (Cambridge: CUP, 2018).

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Electronic bibliographies:

William Poole, ‘Bodleian Adversaria’, http://www.cems.ox.ac.uk/libraries.shtml, 2008- The details from this list have now been incorporated into the copy-specific notes of the Bodleian Library’s main catalogue, SOLO.


News, Broadcasts:

‘Language-Planning and Free-Thinking in Late Seventeenth-Century England: An AHRC-funded Project 2004-7’, Intellectual History Review 17 (2007): 331-35.

Broadcasting: BBC Radio Ulster, Sunday Sequence, ‘John Milton’, 30 March 2008; BBC Radio 4, ‘Milton’s Music’, 9 February 2010.

Podcast on Hooke’s Micrographia (1665) for the Bodleian Treasures Exhibition, 2011.

Podcast on Francis Lodwick for the Royal Society, 2011 (http://downloads.royalsociety.org/audio/lodwick.mp3).

Podcast on ‘The Bodleian Library and the Scientific Revolution’, 2012 (http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk)

I was a columnist for The Oxford Times from 2012 to 2018.



‘John Wilkins, Wadham College, and the Scientific Revolution’. Oxford, Wadham College, September 2014. Accompanied by booklet above.

‘My wit was always working’: John Aubrey and the Development of Experimental Science. Oxford, The Bodleian Library, 28th May - 31st October 2010. 45,460 visitors. Accompanied by illustrated monograph John Aubrey and the Advancement of Learning above.

Virtual gallery at: http://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/about/exhibitions/online/aubrey/


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