Visiting Academics

The English Faculty welcomes visitors from other academic institutions, and has options for both staff and students.

Discretionary Membership

Discretionary membership is a relatively informal status for which academic members of staff from other institutions are eligible to apply.  Applicants must have been awarded their PhD and must have a clear research programme related to English Language and/or Literature.  Discretionary membership may be granted for periods between 2 weeks and 12 months.

Discretionary members are eligible to use the English Faculty’s communal IT facilities, graduate common room and work space in our graduate work-area and are entitled to attend undergraduate lectures.  Discretionary members will also be given a University Card which provides access to the Bodleian and English Faculty Libraries. Accommodation or office space is not provided and discretionary members are not allocated an academic supervisor or entitled to administrative support.

There is a fee of £1000 per discretionary member per term, which is payable before the visit and is non-refundable.  Applicants should complete the application form, which is available from the English Faculty Office ( 

An information sheet with further details is available here.

Visiting Graduate or Undergraduate Students

We welcome visiting undergraduate and graduate students from other institutions. Further details for undergraduates, including fee information and application forms, can be found in the Visiting Students pages on the main University website. Information for graduate students can be found in the Recognised Students pages on the main website.