Dr Helen Appleton

My research focuses on pre- and post-conquest English literature. I am developing a monograph on faith and the landscape in early medieval England, examining how saints and relics are imagined as influencing the space around them, and the way in which this is reflected in the literature. The project has led to an interest in Rogation practice, especially the corpus of Old English Rogation homilies, and in the post-conquest adaptation of Anglo-Saxon material, on which I am publishing. I am also intrigued by medieval cartography, particularly the eleventh-century mappa mundi found in British Library MS Cotton Tiberius B.v.

Old English, Middle English, Old Norse, English Language

Together with Prof. Sue Gillingham (Theology) and Dr Francis Leneghan (English), I coordinate The Oxford Psalms Network, a TORCH Interdisciplinary Research Network on the Psalms.

I co-organised, together with Dr Louise Nelstrop (Faculty of Theology), the 2016 Mystical Theology Network Conference: 'Art and Articulation: Illuminating the Mystical, Medieval and Modern'. This international conference brought together scholars from a range of disciplines to explore the relationship between word and image.

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  • Art and Mysticism: Interfaces in the Medieval and Modern Periods

  • The Insular Landscape of the Old English Poem The Phoenix

  • Introduction: the Psalms in Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman England

  • 'Æðele geferes’: Northern Saints in a Durham Manuscript

  • The Role of Æschere’s Head

  • The Old English Durham and the Cult of Cuthbert

  • The Book of Isaiah as an Influence on Andreas

  • More
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