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Medieval English Research Seminar
Hilary Term 2021

This term, the seminar meets each Wednesday at 5:15pm online via the Oxford Medieval Studies TEAMS. The Medieval English Research Seminar is a channel of the OMS TEAM. The Medieval English Research Seminar is convened by Andy Orchard.

Week 1, 20 January

Samantha Zacher, (Cornell University), ‘Looking beyond the Lyrical “I”: the Wife’s Lament, Psalm Intertexts and Affective Technologies’

Week 2, 27 January

Michael Fox (University of Western Ontario), ‘Where’s the Point? Beowulf, Analogues, and Örvar-Oddr’

Week 3, 3 February

Tristan Major (Qatar University), ‘Frithegod and Form’

Week 4, 10 February

Eleni Ponirakis (University of Nottingham), ‘Deor: A Dark Satanic Scop’

Week 5, 17 February

Francis Leneghan (University of Oxford), ‘Everything’s Ending Here: Reading The Death of Edward in its Manuscript Context’

Week 6, 24 February

Claudia Di Sciacca (University of Udine), ‘Wolfing it Down: the Motif of the Swallowing Dragon in Early Medieval England and Scandinavia’

Week 7, 3 March

Christine Rauer (University of St Andrew’s), ‘Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: Source Study in the Twenty-First Century’

Week 8, 10 March

Emily Thornbury (Yale University), ‘The Old English Daniel’s Baroque Design’


Andy Orchard <>

Tuesday 23rd February, 5pm

Emma-Jane Hampsheir-Gill, ‘Holy Disorders: Old Norse Hagiography and Literary Trauma Theory’ 

George Manning, ‘“Ferreting Out” Anger from Grins and Laughter in the Íslendingasögur’  

Bond West, ‘Eloquentia Septentrionalis’ 

Please email if you would like to attend.

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 Early Modern English Literature Seminar 

Hilary Term 2021 

Tuesdays 1, 3, and 5 weeks 5.15-7.15 


Title-page to Samuel Clarke, 'A geographicall description of all the countries in the knowne world' (London, 1671)

19 January: ‘The Fortinbras Effect’ 

Paulina Kewes (Jesus, Oxford)

2 February: ‘Thinking Genres Globally’ 

Ayesha Ramachandran (Yale) and Natalya Din-Kariuki (Warwick) 

16 February: ‘Early modern women and the poetry of complaint’ 

Rosalind Smith (Australian National University) and Sarah Ross (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) 


Abstracts available at

Seminars will be hosted on Zoom. A Zoom link will be sent out with the weekly CEMs email. For enquiries, please email the CEMs research co-ordinator, Leah Veronese-Clucas (

Any pre-circulated reading will be made available via the CEMS email. 

Organisers: Emma Smith, Katie Murphy, Joe Moshenska, Lorna Hutson


Image: © The Trustees of the British Museum (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)


Eighteenth-Century Literature & Culture Research Seminar
Hilary Term 2021

Week 2: Tuesday 26 Jan., 5.30-7pm

Painting of brightly coloured birds and fruit

Screening and discussion of Aphra Behn’s The Emperor of the Moon (R/18 Collective)  


Week 4: Tuesday 9 Feb., 5.30-7pm

Roundtable in memory of Richard Terry (Northumbria)

Papers by Ros Ballaster, Christine Gerrard, Jim McLaverty, David Taylor, and Abigail Williams. Introduced by Claudine van Hensbergen (Northumbria)


Week 6: Tuesday 23 Feb., 12.30-2pm

Lucy Powell (Oxford)
Jakob Bogdani’s Balding Bullfinch: Still Life Paintings and their Global Stories


Seminars will meet via Zoom. The seminars in weeks 4 and 6 will be open to the public. Sign-up information will be circulated via Twitter: @EngFac18thC

SEMINAR LEADERS: Ros Ballaster, Ellen Brewster, Christine Gerrard, Katie Noble, Nicole Pohl, David Taylor,  Ben Wilkinson-Turnbull,  Abigail Williams.


Roundtable in Memory of Prof. Richard Terry 
(University of Northumbria)

Tues. 9 Feb. 2021, 5.30-7pm (Zoom)


A watercolour of a scene inside a bookshop 1784

Claudine Van Hensbergen
An Introduction to Richard Terry’s Work

Christine Gerrard
Mock Heroic:  A ‘Life Unaccompanied by Satire’

David Taylor
Richard Terry on Words, Concepts, and the Arrival of ‘Literature’

Ros Ballaster
Friendship no Fallacy: Richard Terry’s Contribution to Feminist 
Recovery and the Study of Women’s Writing

Jim McLaverty
Pope and Banking: Richard Terry Uncovers the Inauthenic Life?

Abigail Williams
Richard Terry and the Postscript

Register at:

SEMINAR LEADERS: Ros Ballaster, Ellen Brewster, Christine Gerrard, Katie Noble, Nicole Pohl, David Taylor,  Ben Wilkinson-Turnbull,  Abigail Williams.

TWITTER: @EngFac18th

Romantic Research Seminar

Hilary Term 2021

The following seminars will be given on Tuesdays in weeks 1, 3, and 5 at 5.30pm and week 8 at 1.30pm via Microsoft Teams. Convenor: Professor Seamus Perry and Professor Fiona Stafford. Please email by 5pm the day before to be invited to the seminar. 

I (19 January)

Tess Somervell (Worcester College): ‘“Beyond the present good or ill”: Georgic Complaint in the Romantic Period’

III (2 February)

Nicholas Halmi (University College): “Romanticism and Self-Reflexive Revolutions”

V (16 February)

Andrew Newell (Wycliffe Hall): “Cowper at Olney: reexamining the early years”
Tara Lee (Corpus Christi College): “Seeds, Polyps, Eggs: Blake and Preformation”.

VIII  (9 March)

“A Celebration of the Work of Clare Lamont”. John Goodridge (Nottingham Trent), David Hewitt (Aberdeen), Alison Lumsden (Newcastle), Meiko O’Halloran (Newcastle), Seamus Perry (Oxford), Michael Rossington (Newcastle), Fiona Stafford (Oxford), Kathryn Sutherland (Oxford).

Nineteenth Century Research Seminar Series

Hilary Term 2021

The Nineteenth Century Research Seminar will run entirely online this term with seminars meeting on Monday of weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 via Zoom. The  link to attend, along with further details, is circulated via email each week. If you would like to join us, please contact or

25 January 2021, 16.30-17.30 

Eliot's Program: Questions of Method in the Early Fiction

Grace Lavery, Berkeley

8 February 2021, 16.30-17.30


22 February 2021, 16.30-17.30

Phylogenetic Alterities in the Photographic Anthropocene

Christie Harner, Dartmouth

8 March 2021, 16.30-17.30

Landscapes and Limericks: Edward Lear in Transit

Matt Bevis, Oxford


Modern and Contemporary Literature Research Seminar Series

Hilary Term 2021


Seminars are on Wednesdays and will take place online, via Zoom. Convenors: Professor Santanu Das, Professor Laura Marcus and Dr George Potts. Please contact Dr George Potts ( for the link to the meeting.

27 January 2021, 5.30 7pm

Professor Jahan Ramazani (University of Virginia), ‘Reading the Poetry of a Global Age’. Followed by responses by Professor Santanu Das and Dr George Potts and chaired by Professor Laura Marcus.

17 February 2021, 5.30pm

Professor Benjamin Kahan (Louisiana State University) on ‘Major Perverts’, with a response by Professor Jana Funke (University of Exeter).  Chaired by Professor Laura Marcus.

10 March 2021, 5.30pm

Character, Connection and Cruising: E.M. Forster in the 21st Century
Professor Laura Marcus (Oxford) – 'Forster and the character of "character"'
Professor David Trotter (Cambridge) – 'Rethinking Connection: Forster's Edwardian Novels'
Professor Santanu Das (Oxford) – ‘Imperial Ejaculations: Cruising with Forster’

The following seminars will be given on Tuesdays in weeks 4 and 8 at 5pm via Zoom. Convenors: Professor Elleke Boehmer and Professor Ankhi Mukherjee.

9 February 2021, 5pm

PEN and Literary Activism: Colonial/Postcolonial/World

Peter McDonald (Oxford), Rachel Potter (UEA) and Laetitia Zecchini (CNRS, Paris)

9 March 2021, 5pm

‘Writing Empire Across the Indies: Literature and Colonial Identities in British Malaya and the Dutch East Indies, c. 1780-1930’

Marijke Denger (Bern)