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Medieval English Research Seminar
Michaelmas Term 2020

This term, the seminar meets each Wednesday at 4.30 p.m. online via the Oxford Medieval Studies TEAMS. The Medieval English Research Seminar is a channel of the OMS TEAM.

Everyone interested is invited to attend. Please join the OMS TEAM by clicking 'TEAMS' > 'Join/create a team' > 'Search teams' > 'Oxford Medieval Studies'. If you have any difficulties, contact to be added to the channel for the Medieval English Research Seminar.

Week 1, 14th October

Diane Watt (Surrey), ‘Women’s Literary Culture Before The Conquest’. Chaired by Annie Sutherland.

Week 2, 21st October

Jane Toswell (Western Ontario), ‘The Lost Victorian Women of Old English Studies’. Chaired by Francis Leneghan.

Week 3, 28th October

Sebastian Sobecki  (Groningen), ‘Life Imitates Art: The Gesta Romanorum and Thomas Hoccleve’s Poetics of Autobiography’. Chaired by Jane Griffiths.

Week 4, 4th November

Robert E. Bjork (Arizona State U), ‘On N. F. S. Grundtvig’s Becoming an Old English Scop, Leoðwyrhta, Woðbora, Poet’. Chaired by Andy Orchard.

Week 5, 11th November

Ruen-chuan Ma (Utah Valley U), ‘A Medieval Manuscript's Journey to Taiwan: Coloniality and Premodern Bibliography in National Taiwan University Otori 299’. Chaired by Nicholas Perkins.

Week 6, 18th November

Jocelyn Wogan-Browne (Fordham), ‘Vernacular Knowledge in Thirteenth-Century England: Aesthetics and Power’. Chaired by Laura Ashe.

Week 7, 25th November

Roberta Magnani (Swansea), ‘Towards a Queer/Lesbian Philology: the Case of Chaucer's Works in the Manuscripts of John Shirley’. Chaired by Gareth Evans.

Week 8, 2nd December

Sarah Wood (Warwick), ‘Langland’s Manuscript Lives’. Chaired by Vincent Gillespie.


Vincent Gillespie <>

Details of the Old Norse Seminar Series for Michaelmas Term 2020 will be available soon.

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Early Modern English Literature Seminar

Michaelmas Term 2020

Tuesdays 1, 3, 5 and 7 weeks, 5.15*-7.15


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13 October, ‘Meet the Faculty’ 

Five early modernists from the Oxford English Faculty introduce their research, with Q&A to follow.  

27 October, ‘Scattered Texts: The Cases of Pericles and Venus and Adonis’

Adam Smyth (Balliol) and Joshua Eckhardt (VCU) consider how extracts from Shakespeare’s texts find their way into other collections. (*note 5.30 start time) 

10 November, ‘Theories and Things in Early Modern Studies’ Rachel Eisendrath (Barnard College) and Joe Moshenska (Univ) discuss

Poetry in a World of Things and Iconoclasm as Child’s Play. 

24 November, Reading Group: Spenser and Race

From Spenser Studies: Special Issue on Race. 


Abstracts available at

Seminars will be hosted on Zoom. A Zoom link will be sent out with the weekly CEMs email the Friday before the seminar. For enquiries, please email the CEMs research co-ordinator, Leah Veronese-Clucas (

Organisers: Emma Smith, Katie Murphy, Joe Moshenska, Lorna Hutson  


Eighteenth-Century Literature & Culture Research Seminar
Michaelmas Term 2020


Portrait of Ignatius Sancho by Thomas Gainsborough, 1768

Week 2: Tuesday 20 October, 5.30  7pm

Black Lives Matter and Studies in 18th-Century Literature and Culture at Oxford: Questions, Methods, Sources
7 flash talks from current researchers in Oxford's English Faculty


Week 6: Tuesday 17 November, 5.30 7pm

Kate Davison (Sheffield)
Spying on London: Ned Ward and Commercial Satire


Week 8: Tuesday 1 December, 1.15  2.45pm

Christine Gerrard & Ben Wilkinson-Turnball (Oxford) 
Pulteney, Patriots and Plunderers: Jonathan Swift and a 'Lost' Political Pamphlet of 1730

Seminars will meet via Zoom. Seminars in weeks 2 & 8 will be limited to Oxford-based researchers. The seminar in week 6 will be open to the public. Sign-up information will be circulated via Twitter: @EngFac18thC

Seminar leaders: Ros Ballaster, Ellen Brewster, Christine Gerrard, Katie Noble, Nicole Pohl, David Taylor, Ben Wilkinson-Turnball, Abby Williams


The following seminars will be given on Tuesdays in weeks 1, 3, and 5 at 5pm and week 7 at 5.30 - 7pm via Microsoft Teams. Convenor: Professor Seamus Perry and Professor Fiona Stafford. Please email by 5pm the day before to be invited to the seminar. 

13 October

Freya Johnston, University of Oxford
‘Dating Jane Austen: The Romance of Chronology’

27 October

Serena Baiesi, University of Bologna
‘“It looks like a thing you have dreamt of”: Leigh Hunt’s Italian Experience’

10 November

Audrey Borowski, University of Oxford
'Constantin Volney's Ruins and his project for a Universal History'

24 November

Edwina Watson (University of Oxford)
‘“A Kind of Knack at Rhyme”: Byron and Swift’

Ben Norbury, University of Oxford
"This song which like a lark I have protracted": Remembering at length in Wordsworth and Tennyson’

Nineteenth Century Research Seminar Series

Michaelmas Term 2020 

The Nineteenth Century Research Seminar will run entirely online this year with seminars meeting on Monday of weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 via Zoom. The  link to attend, along with further details, is circulated via email each week. If you would like to join us, please contact or

19 October 2020, 12.30-1.30pm

“Shake me up, Judy!”: Paralysis and narrative disruption in nineteenth-century fiction

Heather Tilley, Queen Mary University of London

2 November 2020, 12.30-1.30pm

Natural Theology and the Revelation of Little Dorrit

Professor Mark Knight, Lancaster

16 November 2020, 16.30-17.30pm

Imperial fetishization of masculinity and race in Victoria Cross’s Anna Lombard

Katharina Herold, Oxford

30 November 2020, 16.30-17.30pm

Sarah E. Farro: What a newly discovered African American writer can tell us about the British Victorian Novel.

Prof Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 


Modern and Contemporary Literature Research Seminar Series

Michaelmas Term 2020


Seminars are at 5.15 on Wednesdays and will take place online, via Zoom. Convenors: Professor Santanu Das, Professor Laura Marcus and Dr George Potts.

21 October 2020

Reading (and Building) Machines: Modernist Women Poets and Emancipatory Technicities

Eric White, Oxford Brookes University


4 November 2020

Ecological Grief / Inhuman Faciality?

Paul Saint-Amour, University of Pennsylvania


2 December 2020

Roundtable on Race, Politics and Modernity

Dr Leah Rosenberg, University of Florida: ‘James Baldwin, Race and Wrongful Conviction’

Dr Mandisa Haarhoff, University of Cape Town: ‘The modernism of Eric Walrond and the Postmodernism of Michelle Cliff’

Dr Hugh Stevens, University College London: ‘Intimacy, Proximity, and Blackness in Kopano Matlwa’s Coconut’


The following seminars will be given on Thursdays in weeks 3 and 5 at 5pm via Zoom. Convenors: Professor Elleke Boehmer and Professor Ankhi Mukherjee.

27 October

Psychoanalysis of the Oppressed, a Practice of Freedom: Free Clinics in Urban India

Ankhi Mukherjee, University of Oxford

10 November

Literary Activism in Contemporary Africa: Notes on Form and Social Production

Madhu Krishnan, Bristol

Details of the Universal Histories Research Seminar Series for Michaelmas Term 2020 will be available soon.